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João Manuel Martins Lda | Machinery for civil construction


We have become a leader in the sale of equipment and machinery for civil construction in the central Algarve area since 1991, due to a quality and rigorous service, Still maintained today in order to always guarantee the satisfaction of its customers.

Company João Manuel Silva Martins, Lda for the sake of the sale, we also offer a service of sales and service to all the material sold by the company and also other products that need any kind of repair, where we always have a team of technicians, trained professionals ready to accompany and solve all kinds of problems facing them.

Before leaving the company premises all machines are subject to various quality control processes:

- Engine maintenance and hydraulics;

- Replacement of any defective material;

- Verification of the conformity of the machine in Portugal;

- Total painting of the machine;

- Verification of correct functioning of all machine functionalities;

Always selecting the best used machines and reconditioning them for a greater respect for the quality of the product sold.

Customer satisfaction is always our biggest concern.

When buying from the company João Manuel Martins, Lda you are certainly investing in a high quality machine that is completely certified, and that benefits from a qualified after-sales assistance.